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003. Milenium Supermarket
Alley / street / square: Stary Rynek Street
Description: For many years, not repaired, and basically ruined a beautiful example of architecture of the period of real socialism. One of the consequences "of the Prince's Regeneration Route," replacing the one in the cinema in addition to a stereo system with the largest screen 16:9 in northern Poland in the supermarket. Turning on the occasion of internet image of Slupsk in shame. Can be expected from Jeronimo Martins Distribution SA (Portuguese company) while restoring the original condition of the building from the 70 century? We think so and we wait!

Shoddy gallery:

Milenium Cinema Milenium Supermarket

Not any more:

Milenium Cinema Milenium Cinema

Architectural pattern:
Below the old town of Slupsk project done by professional revitalization. Beautiful, stylish, modern and the climate. It's hard to believe it could be Slupski Old Market. Only dream about.

Milenium Supermarket Milenium Supermarket
Milenium Supermarket Milenium Supermarket

Shoddy gallery:

City Hall Jeronimo Martins Castle Jeronimo Martins
Witch Tower Jeronimo Martins The way the crisis

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