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Description: This is another example of local government's flagship investment in Slupsk, in a series on how to build this road, in the way just to make certain public funds. No idea on the current problems of the city and without a vision for its future development.
Do eliminated congestion in the city? Of course not, because transit traffic does not result in urban traffic. Does the transit traffic moved to coastal cities and heavy transport from the city center, of course not! Heavy equipment to traverse to Ustka, transport to the establishments in the economic zone and the entire road transport to the coastal town Coast Slowinski and so still is forced to move through the center of Slupsk. Does improved internal communication is so important for the development of Slupsk and Ustka, or not. Taking into account the enlargement of the city limits in the near future to the north, in no way contributed and will contribute to improving internal communication. Does the center of Slupsk eliminated as one of the tourist transit stops, of course it is. Do you solve communication problems in Slupsk water park or a completely new investment Slupsk Technology Incubator, probably not. Does increased growth competitiveness Slupsk Economic Zone, or heighten the enjoyment of a proposed Marine Railway Slupsk? Or not, he passes all of these objects from very far away.
Does the city still needs a northern ring road? To solve the above problems, sooner or later in the form of more or less, of course it is. So wonder what happened in the way that one time investment for years to make life easier for thousands of residents?
Do you except that spent millions to leave the transit from Slupsk, which anyway would do well north bypass option - its southern version has solved a significant problem in our city residents? We look forward to your suggestions, our editorial is hard to find a greater advantage.

Shoddy gallery:

Slupsk Southern Bypass

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