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Counting the nearly 750 years the City of Slupsk experienced its greatest flowering in the second half of the nineteenth century and the era of fin de siéclu. War and social movements that convulsed Europe happily then somehow bypassed this land, as a practical and static Germans, then - the hosts of the area, allowed for a leisurely, but steady and continuous development. Enriched themselves, and with them grew and piękniało city, earning him the time called "Little Paris", not only because of its medieval street layout starry, but also charming places where history harmoniously intertwined with the modern day. Unfortunately, history has been kind to Slupsk only until the spring of 1945. The end of the war swept through the city the shaft of fire and took with him into oblivion almost the entire Old City, including one of the most beautiful streets of "Little Paris" - Nowobramską ... Left blank space after it, photographs of the former glory and legend, imported into the postwar Slupsk by its pre-war population.

The phenomenon of the street lies in the fact that today is again one of the most important streets in town, even though there is virtually no importance of communication. Its history dates back to the early Middle Ages, when it came to be the first to Grodzka street, after which wjeżdżało to the city from the west. That's why both sides of the highway was full of stalls, stalls, shops and workshops and numerous in those days, taverns and inns. Her face has changed repeatedly, and were equally turbulent history, as the story of Slupsk, because street Nowobramska (Neutorstraße) always shared his fate. Did not pass it any great fire of the city, and there were many over the centuries, the troops stationed at home and abroad, including the city flourished as an exclusive shopping center and along the old town was burned almost completely in March 1945 to languish for years in dull reality of PRL, this time taking on the name of one of the then communist Polish - General Alexander Zawadzki.

Postwar, the influx of people of Slupsk long time had no idea that empty, cleaned of debris place at St. Mary's Church for centuries has been one of the busiest and most prestigious streets in the city. Has been strengthened by the subsequent building of whole quarters of streets, some of which ceased to exist at all. This was the example of the street. Central (Mittelstrasse). These parts of the town was built on blocks of flats nieciekawymi hastily, so. blocks. The rest was made gray with no character. It seemed that the city irrevocably lost its original atmosphere and it was not until 2002. It was then that the new city authorities began to place strong emphasis on the past, Slupsk and laboriously but systematically restore his lost soul. Such action is the introduction of the urban landscape characteristics and uniformity of style elements: street lamps, benches, street litter bins, signposts to places of interest, walking and driving sequences in which all adorned, unusual ornaments, such as "Flower Clock" and an equally exceptional calendar , relevant only to our city. Originated in the modernization of the street Nowobramskiej. The once free expression, like a gray and unremarkable street after renovation has gained unique atmosphere and is one of the most visited places in Slupsk. They like to sit here and tourists, and residents of Slupsk. All the decorative elements, in which this string is equipped with walkers and apartment are made in one style, inherently represent a nod to Art Nouveau Slupsk, that the best time for yourself. Even old concrete balcony railings in residential buildings were replaced during the modernization of ornamental cast-iron lanterns with style close, benches, and baskets that are on the street. It is obvious that it is impossible to reconstruct what long ago was completely destroyed, and in this space planners of the 50s of last century, have identified a completely different character and direction of development. Today, however, you can restore the old atmosphere, characteristic of the old intimacy of Slupsk, by referring to the details of those years, but with touches of modernity. It was most thoughtful sequence of actions, through which the street took on a single character and also stressed on the tram past the town. In the course of modernization Street. Nowobramskiej, assembled at a designated place special tram rails, purchased specifically in Gdynia, and now after the renovation is set to the renovated tram wagon, who had traveled the Slupsk, but his life ended in Elblag. The carriage, which bears the images of the old walls of Slupsk, we have launched a tiny cafe and tourist information. Trams drove in Slupsk in 1910 - 1959. One of the lines ran right under the New Gate, which is the place where this is unusual, "monument".

In a similar image to the new street Nowobramskiej direction, the local government re-homesteaded the streets adjacent to it, the Film and Bema. String walking on the street. Bema Film and was lined with different types of cubes of granite and concrete blocks of different levels, highlighted by arched low walls, set on them years charmingly bent street lamps, together with the hanging flower beds, paths were excluded from the traffic separated stylized, cast iron and stone pillars, and bullets. Place on a wall fenced household waste in the clinker, and on the west side of the street. Bema cascade fountain installed - a gift to the city of Slupsk entrepreneurs. And on this street is set a lot of stylized benches, identical to those of the street. Nowobramskiej. There he located a stylized plaque with a clock, a clear plan of the city and with the current local information. A particularly charming part of town looks like this winter, when there are the Christmas illuminations. The author of the modernization of this quarter, the streets are słupsk architect, MSc. Boguslaw Micorek from the Office of Architecture and Design "BAR" and a contractor for the company "Drogi i Mosty" from Slupsk.
Text: Marek Sosnowski (City Hall in Slupsk)

Site Editor's Comment:
This promotional copy of the Town Hall in Slupsk ideally suited to the subject matter of this site, unfortunately we can hardly agree with the lessons learned.

You should first mention that this is primarily a promotional text, which in reality has little to say in common. Wyjątkowcyh usability Nowobramskiej street, the author apparently never had the opportunity to personally check on the bike. The passage of "bicycle path" on the street Nowobramskiej, whose first member was the President of Slupsk Maciej Kobylinski (sic), you probably would have a significant impact on changing your mind.

Nowobramska Street, Bema Street or Filmowa Street invariably die several years ... empty commercial premises, banks, or used clothing stores are not the strengths of revitalized part of town. These are primarily the effects of policy, the President of Slupsk Maciej Kobylinski ie moving the entire life of the inhabitants of the cultural (cinema or concert hall) to the shopping malls on the outskirts of the city. It is after all common errors from the 70 Local Government in the European Union - is, however, we must always learn from their mistakes?

Editorial staff does not see the beauty of the "concrete" and "paving stone" on which the time of the first term of the President of Slupsk Maciej Kobylinski there is some kind of fashion in Slupsk self.

In conclusion, we wish to recall that no one else and the people of Slupsk and Society "Active Pomerania" tram restored to life. August 27, 2003 Association year is "Active Pomerania" asked the President of Slupsk Maciej Kobylinski proposed tram rails mounted on the street Nowobramskiej (about 5 September 2003, the tram rails were in Slupsk).
No explicit permission (Association never received replies to your suggestions) Slupsk Mayor Maciej Kobylinski and support local government in return tram from the perspective of years is difficult to call acceptance.

Bema Street, Filmowa and Nowobramska is one of many stops on the Route of Shoddy Slupsk Architecture.

Polski Slupsk is well furnished? The evaluation is left reads, and we encourage our SMS probe!

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