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Slupsk Slupsk Route of Shoddy Architecture Dung Avenue Slupsk Dove Fountain on Old Market in Slupsk Provincial Office in Slupsk Slupsk
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Wybrzeze Slowinskie

Living in Slupsk and paying taxes, we assume that we have a right to expect and require our view of best practices in public space, best architectural design and the best architects.

Thus, Architectural Patterns page where you'll regularly present selected examples of architecture from different corners of the globe or how to change and where to get the ideas for change so that public spaces served generations of residents of this city and not passed on to the list of worst buildings Slupsk.

We also encourage you to contact us and send suggestions and proposals interesting and modern architectural solutions.

Slupsk Townhall

The Planty Park in Slupsk

Bicycle paths

Manufaktura in Łódź

Brewery in Poznań

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