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Unfortunately, for many years in Slupsk, more and more shoddy architecture. Walking around the center of Slupsk, it's hard not to get the impression that some of the repairs or upgrades designed the - given the problems with the building permit water park still assume that the person with the relevant laws and knowledge - but for literally "poor taste and flavor."

What other experience can be applied by looking at the Slupsk city hall - despite the passage of over 100 years, delights the eye vision, modernity and beauty - and then going Dung Avenue, "concrete desert" on the Princely Trakt, looking for a liquidated modern lantern "Szaszłyk" and looking at Slupsk Murales "modernized" styrofoam blocks? What it seems to read in the press about the brand in an architecturally beautiful building after the cinema closed down? What can be said about the construction of the Philharmonic at the mall on the outskirts of the city, since in the center was rather appropriate in this building requires repair? What success would be happy summer scene or Slupsk Philharmonic concerts this September the Polish Piano Festival in suitably adapted house cinema? Do you really need to watch the fairy fountain straight out of "DIY for rural communities" should be put next to the Snow White and the seven garden gnomes?

Do we really need to learn from bad practice of architecture? Is it so hard to realize investments at least thinking of several generations of residents of Slupsk? Do people have no right to Slupsk enjoy something more than a pretty average EPS of modernization? Someone will say immediately after our thermo wins the prize, we will answer is just a pretty average award in a competition for thermo - what's the problem that was introduced a bold and modern architecture? What's the problem that they were the prize for the best architectural designs in Europe or the world? if we spend millions on non-functional objects, and ultimately not used, why not employ professional architects? What's the problem that just like 100 years ago to announce a worldwide competition for the "revitalization of the route of the Prince and the Slupsk Old Town"?

To all people, lovers of architecture, urban space, so we encourage you to participate. Currently, we look forward to your proposals, suggestions and comments to Slupsk Route of Shoddy Architecture.

Coming soon will announce full-year SMS contest on Worst Building of the Year, collected in this manner we dedicate to the promotion of Slupsk Route of Shoddy Architecture students of architecture

We count on broad support for the residents and we hope that SMS messages sent in the second place will help to finance your purchase and renovation of Slupsk Trolleybus, which we hope will be restored to life.

Trolleybus Slupsk Trolleybus Slupsk

We propose that one of the following sites put forward Slupsk renovated trolley bus. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, as well as to visualize such a solution.

Trolleybus Slupsk Trolleybus Slupsk

We also encourage people to send photos and suggestions by e-mail: info@slupsk.edu.pl. We guarantee anonymity on the contrary, or publish the author, his e-mail or web page, as you wish. And of course, will fill a web page. We will also find a place for all the shoddy architecture was prepared for us the residents of our taxes by local governments Slupsk. Of course not fail to remind us who decided to pay them, and possibly how much they cost.

We hope that with the cooperation of all lovers of Slupsk public space and architecture, after the exhaustion of the list of objects, we will create a mandatory route for students of architecture that so long as "shoddy architecture" will be tolerated on the streets of Slupsk, so long will it promote and advertise.

We also hope that the specialists from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Municipal Office in Slupsk - to which this press release was also posted - will not remain indifferent and would use as appropriate to each stop on the Route of Shoddy Slupsk Architecture.

This year with the start of the academic year, we will start sending information about Slupsk Route of shoddy Architecture to universities throughout the country. Interested students will offer a guide, which in addition to the more beautiful parts of the city will also present all of these "shoddy architecture" that with a passion for many years tolerated in our city.

Welcome in Słupsk :)

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